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Your Trusty Water Damage Company in Riverton, UT

Here at Rocky Mountain Cleaning Co, we totally get how stressful water damage can be. That’s why we’re all hands on deck for our Riverton community. Our certified water removal crew is up and at it 24/7, ready to jump in when you need them. With top-notch gear and a passion for what we do, we aim for nothing less than perfection.

Always Here, Always Ready For Water Emergencies!

Water disasters don’t keep business hours—and neither do we. Day or night, our crew is waiting by the phone, ready to get to work. And when you ring? We’ll be on our way in under an hour. With the latest equipment at our fingertips, our trained crew knows how to get the job done right.

So, when water’s got you down, remember Rocky Mountain Cleaning Co has got your back.

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Top-Notch Service, Every Time

If water’s wreaking havoc, don’t waste a minute. Quick action can save you a heap of trouble down the road. Here at Rocky Mountain Cleaning Co, we’ve got the know-how and the gear to sort things out, making it look like the damage never even happened.

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Life… Quickly!

From floods to little leaks, we’ve got a handle on all things water damage. Sewage issues? We’ve got that covered too. No matter the mess, our team’s got the skills and equipment to tackle any job, big or small.

Overflowing toilets, runaway dishwashers, you name it—we’ve seen (and cleaned) it all. If you’re in Riverton and in a watery mess, give us a shout.

More Than Just a Service, It’s Our Promise

We’re not just any company. We’re your neighbors, and we care about our Riverton community. Our small but mighty team is always ready to go above and beyond for you. Dealing with insurance can be a headache, but we’ll handle all the paperwork and bill them directly. You’ve got enough on your plate.

Looking for top-notch water restoration with a side of outstanding customer care? Look no further than Rocky Mountain Cleaning Co.

Always Ahead with the Latest in Repair Techniques

We keep our skills sharp and stay on top of the latest in water damage tech. This isn’t just our job—it’s our passion. We’re dedicated to giving our clients the best of the best.

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Water Damage? Here’s How We Tackle It

Water damage can happen to anyone in Riverton, UT. If you’re caught in the crossfire, act fast! Reach out to pros like us to stop the damage in its tracks and save on repairs.

Give us a shout for water damage repairs, and our Riverton experts will zip over, assess the situation, and give you a clear-cut estimate—all free of charge. We’re in this together, so we’ll work with you and your insurance to craft the perfect game plan. Our crew is equipped with cutting-edge tech, ensuring they get the job done right, drying and restoring every nook and cranny of your property.

For those messy sewage backups, we’ve got specialized gear and knowledge to make sure everything’s spick and span, and more importantly, safe.

In Riverton, when you’re in a water bind, remember we’re right around the corner, ready to help. From extraction to restoration, we’ve got you covered.

Water woes? Don’t stress. We’re here to whip your place back into shape and ward off any future issues. Acting fast can save you a ton, so if you spot water damage, give us a call pronto.

our water removal process:
  • Initial Inspection
  • Assessment
  • Water Removal/Extraction
  • Drying & Dehumidification
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Restoration
Riverton’s Cleanup Crew

Riverton’s Go-To for Water Restoration Excellence

We’re proud locals, through and through, and we love serving Riverton, UT, and its surrounds. Our mission? To deliver top-notch service to our community and help folks get their spaces back to tip-top shape after any water damage.

Day or night, Rocky Mountain Cleaning Co is Riverton’s trusted choice for water damage restoration. Whether you need a quote (on the house!) or have an insurance question, our team’s always here to help.

Learn More About Riverton UT

Riverton was first settled by Europeans in the mid-1850s. Archibald Gardner is believed to be the first settler of this area, originally known as Gardnerville. The town’s early growth was hindered due to limited water resources, but as more water became accessible and three irrigation canals were built, Riverton started flourishing, particularly as an agricultural hub during World War I.

The start of the 20th century marked the establishment of key businesses in Riverton, including the Page-Pixon store, the Jordan Valley Bank in 1905, and other diverse enterprises, all contributing to a thriving business district. Farming shifted from self-sustaining to commercial, specializing in crops such as alfalfa, wheat, sugar beets, and tomatoes. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints purchased land in 1886 to store tithed produce and livestock, creating the Tithing Yard Hill. Riverton was electrified in 1912, and by 1913, the SL&U Railroad was functional, operating until 1945.

In the mid to late 20th century, skyrocketing land prices led to the expansion of Riverton’s subdivisions and a drastic decrease in farms. Despite this, the population tripled from 1970 to the mid-1980s, growing from 2,820 to about 10,000. The city established a new City Hall in the Riverton City Park in the 1990s and converted the old Riverton Elementary School into a Community Center and City Hall by 2006.

We provide services throughout Riverton UT, including 84095.

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